Kristen McLeod

Master Stylist 

Kristen comes to us all the way from Michigan and has recently moved to Palm Springs! Kristen is an Aveda trained master colorist and has received training from Aveda global directors David Adams and Lupe Voss. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, Kristen has mastered all areas of cut, color and specialized styling. She is dedicated to Aveda and to giving her guests the best experience possible. Kristen is sincerely dedicated to the vision of every guest she has. 

In her free time, Kristen love hiking and camping!  

Monica Vela

Master Stylist/ Makeup Artist 

​Monica is a hard-working & exceptionally talented Master Stylist who especially loves seeing the joy on her client’s face after a transformational hair cut. She knows just what products, tools & techniques to create your perfect cut + color + style. Monica has received training from the Aveda training center in Los Angeles as well as multiple Aveda Master Class Series. Her work will speak for itself!

Alankara Aveda Lifestyle Salons feature the top talent in the industry. The Team is Aveda trained, and works constantly to improve their craft in order to bring you supurb professional services. Alankara is a full service salon, and can meet all your Aveda Lifestyle needs!

Abby Miller

Master Stylist/ Esthetician/ Makeup Artist  

Abby comes to us directly from the prestigious Aveda Institute of Los Angeles. Abby is a multi-talented beauty professional with skills that range across hair, skin, and nails. Abby has received extensive training in Aveda color, cut, makeup and facial services. She also has a special love for braiding, curly hair, texture and unique styling. Abby has a warm heart and prides herself in being a good listener and understanding just what her guests need. She wants to make you feel beautiful from head to toe.   

Jackie Ramirez

Master Stylist/ Makeup Artist

Jackie is one of our multi-talented beauty professionals with skills across the board! Jackie's passion for makeup is what lead her to the beauty industry. A graduate of Aveda's Hair Color Magic Master Class and Aveda makeup with Nick Marshall, Jackie has received top training in all areas of cosmetology, including certification as a master makeup artist. After joining our Aveda family, Jackie has completed Aveda training in hair, skin, nails, waxing and makeup. Jackie believes beauty comes full circle and should not stop at hair. Her warm and loving approach is admired by all her guests. 

Isaiah Sauve

Master Stylist/ Skin Care Expert

Isaiah is an Aveda expert and also Aveda certified in both hair and skin. Isaiah has studied at the Aveda training center in Los Angeles and has been certified as both a color and cut expert. After completing the Aveda color mastery series, Isaiah went on to complete advanced skincare and esthentician training with Aveda. He has also completed Hair Color Magic Master Class by Aveda's Global Master Trainer Lupe Voss. With talents accross the board, Isaiah is ready to handle any of his guests needs. Isaiah prides himself in keeping a positive demeanor and creating a positive experience for his guests. 

Nicole Renee

Master Stylist

Nicole has a strong Aveda background with extensive training in both hair color and cut at the prestigious Aveda Institute of London. She is a certified technician with Dream Catchers Hair Extensions in Hollywood. She confidently embraces her guests' lifestyles and personalities to give them a look that is right for them while maintaining her creativity and attention to detail.

April Mackay

Master Stylist

April is one of our very talented Aveda Master Stylists! April has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has been fully trained in every service that her guests might need. She has also completed the Aveda Hair Color Magic Master Class Series. April is a certified Aveda Master and is excited to help all of her guests achieve any beauty goal that they may have. She wants every guest to know that they are in good hands. 

Nathan Floyd
Manager/ Stylist
Certified Aveda Mentor

Nathan has over 14 years of experience with Aveda and  trained at the Los Angeles Aveda Training Center. Nathan has a wealth of Aveda product knowledge. His passion for Aveda inspired him to acquire his Aveda Mentor certification. Nathan can answer any hair or skin care challenge you may have.

Michelle Mata
Master Stylist/ Master Trainer

Michelle has over 15 years in the industry, is a certified California State Board of Cosmetology Master Trainer, and was also trained by Aveda's Global Master Trainer Lupe Voss. She also does exceptional men's cuts. She loves working with her guests to help them achieve a customized look to suit their personality. Michelle's work has been featured in L.A. Bride magazine.

Bonnie Palmer

Master Stylist

Bonnie has been in the industry for 17 years, the last 7 of which have been with the innovative and exciting line of Aveda products. Bonnie remains at the forefront of contemporary style trends, color enhancement and grooming techniques. Her passion and love for the industry are always reflected in her professionalism, creativity and attention to detail.